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  • Tell me about your background leading up to LYRA.
    My career began as a financial analyst for large corporations, helping department heads do budget planning & performance analysis.
  • What inspired you to start your own business?
    I wandered into self-employment after a friend asked for some bookkeeping help with her small business. I've been very inspired by the boss-owners I work with and the creative autonomy small business ownership affords.
  • What was your biggest challenge starting your business?
    Starting has always been easy for me. The challenge is maintaining focus on our objective and simultaneously zooming in on the daily practices to gather lessons for individual growth...developing and holding the big-picture while fine-tuning the ABC processes.
  • How do you feel you best serve your clients?
    My best skill is listening. I think I instinctively listen to understand and connect with people.
  • What's a common obstacle you see businesses face?
    Limited skill set and expertise, which is what LYRA hopes to resolve for our clients.
  • What advice would you give to someone wanting to boost company growth?
    The advice that resonates most with me is to start with your existing network to discover what needs you could be filling, whether it's additional products/services or referrals to nth-degree connections. I'm also learning that a prerequisite to growth is actually being prepared for it in terms of capacity and competence, otherwise new business will not stick to you.
  • What have you learned through starting your company?
    I've learned to stop searching for job satisfaction; there is no task/role that is inherently fulfilling/exciting. I'm easily energized by new projects, but once the work becomes routine I'm prone to lose interest and question if I've made the right career choice :-D
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